Car Charging


Currently electric cars account for <1% of all road transport; within the next 3 years it is believed to rise to at least 10%. The need for charging points is now.



Battery technology is improving daily, As an ever evolving market charging points will be required at more location than petrol stations.



Solar panels can assist with the electrical consumption, ask us for details.


We pride ourselves on being a one stop solution company, from electrical requirements and advice to installing the end product. Car charging is needed in more and more locations from staff car parks to shopping centres, AT Tate we can assist with your needs and budgets.

Call us to discuss your needs.

Did you know……

7.4 kW (32A) is one of the fastest chargers that can be installed with a single phase electric supply. Some of the older vehicles are limited to slower charging but the vehicle charge controller will only let the incoming charge achieve its maximum rate. If you install a 7.4 kW charger it will ‘future proof’ your installation.

Single phase equivalent to most homes & subject to load testings.


Our Testimonials


Thought id just write in to say how much help Rod was in our more than challenging installation!

Steve B

Martin was a great help and very knowledgable. Thanks for all the support.

Thanks Tony, great service.


Thanks to all the team at Tate Technical Services for a swift and professional service.